I made this delicious watermelon lemonade earlier this week for a little party with friends. The summer isn't really showing his face yet here, so i made this drink and mojito's for that summer feeling. This is a great refreshing drink for a hot summerday.

You need:
- about four lemons
- about four limes
- 1/2 watermelon. It's about eight cups of watermelon
- a blender or foodprocessor 
- grater
- 6 table spoons of sugar
- 2 cups of water
- you could also use soda water when serving

1. grate about 1 tablespoon of the lemonzest and 1 tablespoon of the limezest
2. extract the juice from all the lemons and limes
3. scoop the watermelon into a bowl or your foodprocessor. I used about half a watermelon
4. once you've chopped and mixed all the watermelon add the lemon and lime zest and the juices. mix again
5. add the water
6. it's not neccesary but you could add some extra water or sodawater when serving

Now it's time to serve it. Add a piece of watermelon on the top of the glass. Freeze some pieces of watermelon in the fridge and serve it with your watermelon icecubes. 
Enjoy the summer feeling!

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