This hairtutorial is for short hair just around the chin.  It is great for everyday, but also for a party. I wanted to go to my "prom" with this hairstyle, but it kind of failed that evening so i went with a little beehive hairdo.  You may need to practise this hairdo a few times before you got in nice and messy instead of sloppy and messy. 
If you've got really sleek hair like i do, you may need to spray in some dry shampoo before starting, this way you will get more texture and all the bobbypins and clips will stay better in your hair. 
You'll need:
- bobbypins and clips
- brush
- comb
- hairspray
- elastic hairband
Step 1: Quickly brush your hair, seperate your hair in the middle and get your hair in a simple ponytail. I did a low ponytail.
Step 2: Use your comb to leave some hair out at the front
Step 3: Comb one side up all the way to the other side. Seperate into two and start braiding the first half 
             (closest to your ear ;)) Stop after a few braids and then seprate the rest of the hairs into three and add these to your 
             braid, now continue the braid all the way to the end.
Step 4: Put your braid away by pinning it to the back of your head (see circle)
Step 5: Do the same for the other side. comb up, seperate, braid, seperate the rest into three and add to the braid, continue 
              the braid all the way to the end. You can place this braid at the place you want it to be.
Step 6: Take the braid from the back of your head and place it at the place you want it to be.
step 7: You can ofcourse leave your hair in a ponytail. I twisted it and made a little bun. I secured it with bobby pins till it 
                stayed in place. 
Step 8: To cover the black clips, i had some left over hair and covered them with it and secured it with a bobbypin
Step 9: Spray some hairspray, especially where your pins and clips are. If you need to cycle like i have to do, spray a lot          
              maybe with some pauses.

If you have questions feel free to put them in the comments.


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