you need:
-acrylic or special linoprint paint, i used acrylic
- spongebrush, or when you're using linoprint paint you could use a roller
- pencil
- a notebook, i bought mine at paperchase
1. draw the picture you want on the lino, in this case a lightning bolt. For "inspiration" look up lightning cartoon and you will  find a lot of pictures.
2. Cut the picture out with your gouge. Make sure you cut everything out besides ofcourse the picture
3. maybe mix your paint and dab not too much on your sponge brush
4. Dab the paint on your stamp
5. place the stamp where you want it to be on your notebook
6. Continue this until your cover is full
You could also use this technique on fabrics, I also use acrylic paint for that but you could also use screenprintink for fabrics. 


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