you need:
-acrylic or special linoprint paint, i used acrylic
- spongebrush, or when you're using linoprint paint you could use a roller
- pencil
- a notebook, i bought mine at paperchase
1. draw the picture you want on the lino, in this case a lightning bolt. For "inspiration" look up lightning cartoon and you will  find a lot of pictures.
2. Cut the picture out with your gouge. Make sure you cut everything out besides ofcourse the picture
3. maybe mix your paint and dab not too much on your sponge brush
4. Dab the paint on your stamp
5. place the stamp where you want it to be on your notebook
6. Continue this until your cover is full
You could also use this technique on fabrics, I also use acrylic paint for that but you could also use screenprintink for fabrics. 

I bought this suitcase in a triftstore a couple of years ago. It was originally blue and I painted it red with acrylic paint. Don't use acrylic paint in projects like this, it wil leave an ugly finish. Use paint you would use for wood as well. I bought this mint green paint to paint my new desk and i used the leftovers for the suitcase. Use an waterbased paint, because that will dry quicker and smells less (altough i love the smell of paint hahaha). 

What you need:
- suitcase
- primer for waterbased paint
- paint in any colour you like
- sandpaper
- brush (you can also use a normal paintbrush, where you paint your paintings with, really handy for small corners)
- paintroller for waterbased paint
- container for you paint

1. If have already painted your suitcase  just like me and left some paint on the metal parts. Use your sandpaper to get of with an circular motion, you won't see the scrapes as m uch as when you make a straigt motion. 
- After you've done that give the whole suitcase a quick sanding treatment, this way the paint will stick better to the surface.
2. Now give the suitcase a primercoat. You can choose to paint it with a brush and a roller or just with an brush. If you do the easy parts ( example: top of the lid) with a roller, you will get a smoother finish.
TIP: place a paintbrush or a stick in the suitcase, to help the lid stay up. This way your lid won't get stuck to the bottom half.
Let your paint dry for the time giving on the package, once its dustdry you can paint the bottom. Once you've done that let it dry again, you can paint another layer after this, if you think it's necessary. 
3. Now it's time to paint suitcase with a colour. Do this the same way as you painted your primer coat. If necessary paint mutiple layers. This depends on how dark your suitcase was and how light your paint is. 

If you have any question feel free to comment!


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